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[   ]14_4 to 28_8 MHz Frequency Doubler for RTL-SDR Clock_ Marcus Leech_ 2013.pdf2013-09-06 19:32 3.1K 
[   ]40 Uses for Germanium Diodes_ Sylvania Electric Products.pdf2014-01-23 17:40 3.5M 
[   ]A 100 kV 200 A blumlein pulser for high-energy plasma implantation_ Jose O Rossi_ 2006.pdf2011-07-12 16:52 208K 
[   ]A Pseudospark Gap in the Inductive-Energy-Storage Circuit_ induct-en-store.PDF2011-02-06 00:13 68K 
[   ]A Wide-Band Quadrature Hybrid Coupler_ James A Garcia_ 1971.pdf2013-02-20 12:18 202K 
[   ]A battery-operated atmospheric-pressure plasma wand for biomedical applications_ XPei_ J Liu_ Y Xian_ X Lu_ J-PhysD 2014.pdf2016-05-26 10:01 2.2M 
[   ]Advances in High Voltage Engineering_ Haddad Warne.pdf2011-01-08 04:49 4.2M 
[   ]A low-cost Arduino-like development kit for single-element ultrasound imaging_ arxiv161110174.pdf2017-02-25 19:07 1.5M 
[   ]A miniature pan-tilt actuator_ the spherical pointing motor_ B B Bederson_ R S Wallace_ E L Schwartz_ IEEE Trans Robo Autom 1994.pdf2015-02-09 19:42 1.1M 
[   ]An 11 cm long atmospheric pressure cold plasma plume for applications of plasma medicine_ J-APL_ 2008.pdf2012-02-18 12:51 163K 
[   ]An Atmospheric Pressure Nonequilibrium Plasma Jet Device_ Xiong Qin et al_ J-TPS_ 2008.pdf2012-02-16 06:14 128K 
[   ]Analog Signature Analysis Using a Curve Tracer_ AKA Octopus_ unknown.pdf2015-02-08 23:13 23K 
[   ]Analysis of Multiconductor Transmission Lines_ 2nd Ed_Clayton R Paul_ 2007.pdf2011-07-13 03:31 4.6M 
[   ]Anatomy of a DIY HV and HF multi-feed bulkhead_ Chris Bradley_ 2009.pdf2012-03-01 22:14 1.5M 
[   ]Application Information for Spark Gap Switches_ 2009.pdf2012-01-11 22:08 324K 
[   ]A short history of memristor development_ R Stanley Williams.pdf2011-12-27 02:25 157K 
[   ]A study of secondary winding designs for the two-coil Tesla transformer_ Thesis_ R M Craven_ 2014.pdf2015-04-28 04:30 10M 
[   ]Atmospheric Non-Termal Plasma Sources_ Vija Nehra_ Ashok Kumar_ H K Dwivedi_ IJE-12.pdf2011-11-10 07:27 155K 
[   ]Characterization and Applications of Vector Inversion Generators_ Stephen A Merryman_ 2003.pdf2011-07-12 16:35 92K 
[   ]Coaxial-Cable-Loss-Calc.xls2013-02-19 01:13 256K 
[   ]Compact high voltage pulse transformer made using a capacitor bank assembled in the shape of primary_ Rohit Shukla et al_ Rev Sci Instrum 2011.pdf2014-10-17 19:39 663K 
[   ]Compact repetitive Marx generator and HPM generation with the Vircator_ Yeong-Jer Chen_ 2005.pdf2011-07-12 13:38 5.0M 
[   ]Design and Construction of a 150kV 300A 1microsecond Blumlein Pulser_ JO Rossi_ M Ueda_ JJ Barroso.pdf2011-07-12 13:37 251K 
[   ]Design and construction of double-Blumlein HV pulse power_ Deepak k Gupta_ P I John_ pe941.pdf2011-07-02 11:44 240K 
[   ]Determining dielectric constants using a parallel plate capacitor_ T T Grove_ M F Masters_ R E Miers_ 2004.pdf2015-09-11 05:29 273K 
[IMG]Dielectrics in Electric Fields_ Gorur G Raju_ 2003.djvu2011-07-13 02:59 5.1M 
[   ]Digital Signal Processing_ A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists_ Steven Smith_ 2002.pdf2011-09-01 01:19 23M 
[   ]Diode Circuits Handbook_ Paul Franson WAICCH_ 73-magazine_ 1968.pdf2014-01-23 17:22 8.9M 
[   ]Electrical Engineering and Control_ Vol 2_ Min Zhu_ 2011.pdf2011-10-25 16:11 20M 
[   ]Electrical Insulating Liquids_ R Bartnikas_ 1993.pdf2011-07-10 22:34 29M 
[   ]Electrical Power Systems and Computers_ Vol 3_ Xiaofeng Wan_ 2011.pdf2011-10-25 16:12 22M 
[   ]Electronics and Signal Processing_ Vol 1_ Wensong Hu_ 2011.pdf2011-10-25 16:10 17M 
[   ]Energy Compression Based on Wound Transmission Lines Network for Pulsed Power Applications_ A Nikjamal_ A Vahedi_ 2008.pdf2011-07-12 16:50 1.3M 
[   ]Epidermal Electronics_ Dae-Hyeong Kim et al_ Science_2011.pdf2011-08-15 01:23 2.0M 
[   ]Explosive Pulsed Power_ Larry L Altgilbers_ Jason Baird_ Bruce L Freeman_ Christopher S Lynch_ Sergey I Shkuratov_ 2010.pdf2004-02-29 14:21 9.3M 
[   ]Fabrication of Low-Field Water-Cooled Resistive Magnets for Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging_ Gilbert_ Dalrymple_ Handler_ Scholl_ Chronik_ 2006.pdf2012-04-18 00:04 250K 
[   ]Fast risetime spiral pulse generator_ USP4140917.pdf2011-07-02 11:43 239K 
[   ]Filamentary and Diffuse Barrier Discharges_ U Kogelschatz.pdf2011-07-08 01:09 451K 
[   ]Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits_ Anant Agarwal_ Jeffrey Lang_ 2009.pdf2012-02-13 04:31 8.1M 
[   ]Fundamentals and Applications of Dielectric-Barrier Discharges_ U Kogelschatz_ 2000.pdf2011-07-08 01:06 46K 
[IMG]Gas Discharge Physics_ Yuri P Raizer_ 1991.djvu2011-07-10 22:35 9.5M 
[   ]Gaseous Electronics_ Theory and Practice_ Gorur Raju.pdf2010-10-03 09:41 13M 
[IMG]Gaseous Electronics_ Volume 1_ Electrical discharges_ M Hirsh_ 1978.djvu2011-07-21 05:06 7.0M 
[   ]Generation of Cold Argon Plasma Jet at the End of Flexible Plastic Tube_ arxiv14113976.pdf2014-11-22 17:32 293K 
[   ]Handbook of Electrostatic Processes_ Jen-Shih Chang_ Arnold J Kelly_ Joseph M Crowley_ 1995.pdf2012-01-15 10:56 59M 
[   ]High-Power Microwave-Tube Transmitters_ LANL LA-12786-MS.pdf2011-07-20 08:34 25M 
[   ]High-Voltage Spiral Generators_ A Ramrus_ F Rose_ 1976.pdf2011-07-12 16:36 474K 
[   ]High-efficiency helical coil electromagnetic launcher_ Thomas G Engel_ William C Nunnally_ John M Gahl_ DTIC a456507_ 2006.pdf2015-04-07 12:03 2.5M 
[   ]High-voltage engineering_ theory and practice_ Mazen Abdel-Salam_ 2000.pdf2011-07-09 21:20 74M 
[   ]High Efficiency Compact High Voltage Vector Inversion Generators_ M F Rose_ Z Shotts_ Z Roberts_ 10552.pdf2011-07-02 11:45 1.2M 
[   ]High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals_ 2nd Ed_ EKuffel WSZaengl JKuffel.pdf2010-07-23 07:49 4.0M 
[   ]High Voltage Engineering_ CL Wadhwa_.pdf2010-10-02 03:42 3.9M 
[   ]High Voltage Engineering_ M Naidu_ 1999.pdf2011-07-09 21:17 17M 
[   ]High Voltage Vacuum Insulation_ Basic Concepts and Technological Practice_ Rod Latham.pdf2010-12-04 02:32 27M 
[VID]High current triggered spark gap_ Kizmo_ 2015.mp42015-05-02 09:16 18M 
[   ]Horns for the Holidays_ Joel Harrison W5ZN.pdf2014-05-19 20:23 583K 
[   ]How to Build a Stripline Filter_ HP-Bench-Briefs-1989.pdf2013-02-21 06:57 4.8M 
[   ]Impulse Breakdown of Liquids_ Vasily Y Ushakov_ V F Klimkin_ S M Korobeynikov_ 2007.pdf2011-07-08 21:01 16M 
[   ]Impulse Electromagnetic Inteference Generator.pdf2011-07-12 13:35 367K 
[   ]Inductance_ Loop and Partial_ Clayton R Paul_ 2009.pdf2011-07-14 22:58 2.0M 
[   ]Inductors and Transformers for Power Electronics_ Vencislav Cekov Valchev_ Alex Van den Bossche_ 2005.pdf2011-07-09 21:23 39M 
[   ]Inkjet Printing of Passive Microwave Circuitry_ Oscar Azucena_ Joel Kubby_ Derek Scarbrough_ Chuck Goldsmith_ 2008.pdf2015-09-17 16:22 440K 
[   ]Instant inkjet circuits_ lab-based inkjet printing to support rapid prototyping of UbiComp devices_ Y Kawahara_ S Hodges_ B S Cook_ C Zhang_ G D Abowd_ 2013.pdf2013-11-08 16:31 7.7M 
[   ]Introduction to Power Electronics_ D Fewson_ 1998.pdf2011-07-09 21:19 6.9M 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits I - DC.pdf2011-07-23 01:10 7.0M 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits II - AC.pdf2011-07-23 01:10 3.7M 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits III - Digital.pdf2011-07-23 01:10 2.6M 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits IV - Digital.pdf2011-07-23 01:11 2.6M 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits V - Reference.pdf2011-07-23 01:11 611K 
[   ]Lessons in Electronic Circuits VI - Experiments.pdf2011-07-23 01:11 3.6M 
[   ]Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection_ Eduard M Bazelyan_ Yuri P Raizer_ 2001.pdf2011-09-01 17:28 18M 
[   ]Liquid-Mediated Dense Integration of Graphene Materials for Compact Capacitive Energy Storage_ Xiaowei Yang et al_ Science 2013.pdf2013-08-05 04:17 1.4M 
[   ]Long Distance Exploding Wires_ Rowan Peter William Sinton_ Thesis 2011.pdf2014-10-20 00:13 24M 
[DIR]Magnetic Flux Compression/2018-03-02 21:48 -  
[   ]Marx Generator Using Pseudospark Switches_ PPC_2003_Marx_Generator.PDF2011-02-06 00:09 292K 
[   ]Measurement of Finger Posture and Three-Axis Fingertip Touch Force Using Fingernail Sensors_ Stephen A Mascaro_ H Harry Asada_ 2004.pdf2012-02-11 07:00 1.3M 
[   ]Microstrip, Stripline, and CPW Design_ Iulian Rosu_ YO3DAC.pdf2015-09-14 08:38 1.0M 
[   ]Microwave Ion Gun Design and Construction_ Lutz Hoffman_ Doug Coulter_ 2009.mht2011-10-27 13:14 550K 
[   ]Microwave Power Dividers and Couplers Tutorial_ Overview and Definitions_ Marki Microwave.pdf2013-02-19 22:47 835K 
[   ]Microwave Transistor Amplifiers_ Analysis and Design_ Guillermo Gonzalez_ 1996.pdf2017-04-17 09:53 20M 
[   ]Modeling Arcs_ arxiv11080861v2.pdf2011-08-11 19:26 4.1M 
[   ]Modeling of wound coaxial blumlein pulsers_ Jose O Rossi_ 2006.pdf2011-07-12 16:49 290K 
[   ]More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius_ 40 Build-it-Yourself Projects_ Robert Iannini_ 2006.pdf2011-07-09 21:23 28M 
[   ]Neon transformer wiring diagram_ Richard Hull_ 2004.mht2011-09-02 02:52 52K 
[   ]Optimization of the Voltage Doubler Stages in an RF-DC Convertor Module for Energy Harvesting_ Kavuri Kasi Annapurna Devi_ Norashidah Md Din_ Chandan Kumar Chakrabarty_ 2012.pdf2015-01-02 06:08 2.1M 
[   ]Plasma generation and plasma sources_ H Conrads_ M Schmidt_2000.pdf2011-10-27 13:03 267K 
[   ]Portable X-ray Generating Machine_ Vector Inversion Generator_ US3681604.pdf2011-07-02 11:51 393K 
[   ]Portable and Low Cost Gigawatt Pulsed Power Source for Intense Electron Beam Generation_ stacked coaxial blumlein_ 2005.pdf2011-07-12 17:14 295K 
[   ]Power Electronics Design_ A Practitioners Guide_ Keith H Sueker_ 2005.pdf2011-07-08 21:02 1.7M 
[   ]Precisely Measuring the Electrical Length of Coax Cables_ Gil Nicholls_ TM-0711_ 1977.pdf2013-02-21 10:54 169K 
[   ]Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications_ Vladimir Gurevich_ 2003.pdf2011-07-09 21:16 9.4M 
[   ]Pulse Forming Networks.pdf2011-07-14 03:32 1.1M 
[   ]Pulsed Power Formulary_ Richard J Adler_ 1989.pdf2012-03-01 02:44 3.5M 
[   ]Pulsed Power Systems_ Hansjoachim Bluhm_ 2006.pdf2011-07-12 15:20 6.4M 
[   ]Pulsed Power Systems_ Principles and Applications_ Hansjoachim Bluhm_ 2006.pdf2011-05-06 01:38 6.5M 
[   ]RF Circuit Design_ 2nd Ed_ Christopher Bowick_ Cheryl Ajluni_ John Blyler_ 2007.pdf2013-02-19 21:36 12M 
[   ]RF Directional Couplers and 3dB Hybrids Overview_ App Note.pdf2013-02-21 09:33 407K 
[   ]Reactive Silver Inks for Patterning High-Conductivity Features at Mild Temperatures_ S Brett Walker_ Jennifer A Lewis_ jacs_2011.pdf2012-03-23 02:24 1.1M 
[   ]Reflow Soldering Processes Troubleshooting_ SMT, BGA, CSP, and Flip Chip Technologies_ Ning-Cheng Lee_ 2002.pdf2014-01-19 11:07 11M 
[   ]Repetitive, triggered, long life-time spark-gap switch for pulsed power applications_ G J J Winands_ Z Liu_ A J M Pemen_ E J M van Heesch_ K Yan_ 2005.pdf2012-01-11 22:06 184K 
[   ]Reverse Engineering_ Technology of Reinvention_ Wego Wang_ 2010.pdf2012-02-08 09:53 11M 
[   ]Review of Inductive Pulsed Power Generators for Railguns_ arxiv170107063.pdf2017-02-06 04:46 754K 
[   ]Review of sound card photogates_ arxiv11031760.pdf2011-05-12 20:18 1.1M 
[   ]SIDAC IGBT Spark Gap_ SISG_ Terry Fritz_ 2006.pdf2012-02-26 21:38 2.9M 
[DIR]SRD_SOS_DOS_DRSD_Avalanche/2018-03-02 21:49 -  
[   ]Selecting the right signal combiner_ Tony Ramsden_ 2007.pdf2013-02-21 07:57 6.1M 
[   ]Short-Circuit Currents_ Jurgen Schlabbach_ 2005.pdf2011-07-13 02:32 1.4M 
[   ]Spiral Vector Inversion Pulsed Energy System for Generating Plasmas_ M F Rose_ Z Shotts.pdf2011-07-12 17:42 14M 
[   ]Stripline transformer adapted for inexpensive construction_ Vector Inversion Generator_ US4717834.pdf2011-07-02 11:49 189K 
[   ]Study to Assess the Effects of High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse on Electric Power Systems_ Phase 1 Final Report_ ORNL 83-44374_ 1986.pdf2015-02-19 01:04 4.2M 
[   ]Switching Diode Frequency Doublers_ Charles Wenzel.pdf2013-09-06 19:29 286K 
[   ]Technological Aspects_ High Voltage_ arxiv14040952.pdf2014-04-10 02:01 1.8M 
[   ]The Art of Electronics_Paul Horowitz_ Winfield Hill_ 1989.pdf2012-04-21 01:46 28M 
[   ]The Creation of Long Distance Directional Plasma Discharges via the Exploding Wire Technique_ Thesis_ David Smith_ 2008.pdf2015-05-01 13:21 8.8M 
[IMG]The Glow Discharge at Low Pressure_ Francis G_ 1956.djvu2012-03-19 06:54 3.2M 
[   ]The Power Electronics Handbook_ Timothy L Skvarenina_ 2001.pdf2011-07-09 21:21 9.8M 
[   ] The Quest for Ultimate Broadband High Power Microwaves_ arxiv14116056v1.pdf2015-03-08 21:35 1.2M 
[   ]The circuits and filters handbook_ Computer aided design and design automation_ CRC Press_ 2009.pdf2014-08-06 23:30 9.6M 
[   ]Thermophotovoltaics_ Basic Principles and Critical Aspects of System Design_ Thomas Bauer_ 2011.pdf2011-09-03 02:01 1.6M 
[   ]Time and Frequency Domain Analysis for Right Angle Corners on Printer Circuit Board Traces_ Mark I Montrose_ 1998.pdf2012-02-05 02:33 500K 
[   ]Topics in High Voltage Pulsed Power Plasma Devices and Applications_ etd-HaoChen-3634_ 2010.pdf2011-07-14 03:01 1.7M 
[   ]Transmission Line and Lumped Element Quadrature Couplers_ Gary Breed_ 2009.pdf2013-02-21 11:19 99K 
[   ]Triggered graphite spark gaps using build in battery driven high voltage impulse amplifiers with an opto electronic input_ Jan Meppelink_ 2001.pdf2016-01-11 13:12 538K 
[   ]Troubleshooting PCB_ Oscilloscope and Octopus and Lissajous Patterns_ US Marine Corp TI-10510-35_ 1973.pdf2015-02-08 23:06 3.5M 
[   ]Using Copper Tape to Fabricate RF Breadboard Circuits_ John Kristiansen_ HP-Bench-Briefs-1988-01-03.pdf2013-09-27 19:58 4.3M 
[   ]Vacuum nanoelectronics_ Back to the future_ Gate insulated nanoscale vacuum channel transistor_ jin-Woo Han_ Jae Sub Oh_ M Meyyappan_ ApplPhysLett_ 2012.pdf2012-05-24 08:44 685K 
[IMG]avalanche-diode-rf-noise-generator.png2015-02-15 05:32 3.0K 
[TXT]ground-currents-in-RF-pcb.txt2016-03-27 02:55 4.3K 
[IMG]neonwiring.jpg2011-10-04 17:44 19K 
[   ]resistive swr bridge_ Ian G3ROO_ Tony G4WIF.pdf2012-07-27 10:26 29K 
[IMG]royer_induction_heater.jpg2011-11-07 16:42 174K 
[IMG]spiral_autotransformer.png2011-10-28 16:52 110K 
[   ]spiral_autotransformers_design_ JC Martin_ I Smith.pdf2011-10-28 16:40 412K 
[IMG]tesladownunder_vector_inversion_generator_spiral-line-HV.jpg2011-07-02 11:47 28K 
[IMG]vector-inversion-generator_theory.png2011-07-12 16:48 362K 

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