K5TRA UHF repeater TX/RX, VHF remote base, link radio, RC210 controller & EchoLink interfaces

Motorola T1500 duplexer and MASTR-II 100W PA

K5TRA EchoLink nodes with routers and modems

K5TRA Repeater Configuration

The transmit, receive, and remote base radios are Yaesu FT-7800. The 100W PA is from a GE MASTR-II. A Motorola 4-cavity T-1500 duplexer provides a little over 1 dB insertion loss with isolation near 100 dB. An Arcom RC-210 3-port controller supports (1) repeater, (2) VHF remote base, and (3) EchoLink operation. Any combination of these ports can be connected from DTMF control.

*CARE_HUB* linking reflector

The K5TRA 443.075 (PL:123.0) repeater is usually connected to the *CARE_HUB* EchoLink Conference. This is an open repeater linking reflector. The *CARE_HUB* server is located in Portland, Oregon and owned by Tom Apel (K5TRA) and Joel Cusson (N7GLV). For more information, contact: tom@k5tra.net. Please feel free to connect as long as DTMF / courtesy tones / ID tones / etc. are not transmitted over the HUB.

The K5TRA 443.075 (PL:123.0) repeater also links through Allstar to the WD6AWP HUB
Allstar and EchoLink ports are not usually bridged (although, this is possible).

Some mobile installation photos